3D Printed Houses – Is this the Future?

China Company Prints 3D Building

A company in China is reported to have “printed” 10 bungalows using 4 giant 3D printers measuring  105ft long, 33ft wide and 22ft tall in one day using a secret formula quick drying cement made from recycled materials.

Under £3,000.00 each!

Each of the bungalows is reported to have cost less than £3,000 each.

Read All About It

Read the original report on the Mail Online website:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2615076/Giant-3D-printer-creates-10-sized-houses-DAY-Bungalows-built-layers-waste-materials-cost-3-000-each.html#ixzz30HlNdSEt