Adapting your home for a disibility – Article 3 – In the House

Once you’ve improved the access into the house from outside, you may need to consider moving around inside the house! This article deals with horizontal circulation, our next article will deal with moving between floors. Level Changes When considering the circulation within each storey of the house you should try and remove level changes where […]

Adapting your home for disability – Article 2 – Just Getting In!

  Until relativley recently very few buildings had level access, so just getting into their own home can be a serious issue for anyone with a disability! Ramps A permanent or portable ramp to the front door, and perhaps other doors, will help someone in a wheelchair, on crutches or who is unstable on their […]

Adapting your home for disability – Article 1 – Introduction

Introduction This is the first in a series of articles we are planning about adapting your home for disability.  This first article will cover some of the basics, where you will find out about what is needed, what is available, and how an Architectural Designer (such as Clive Elsdon Building Design) can assist and a little on […]