Our Telephone Number is 01388 526641

BT Fibre Broadband has at last become available in Wolsingham, Weardale!  Taking it up has seen an increase of broadband speed from a TOP of 1.25mbps to a speed regularly over 30mbps.  This has made a significant difference to downloading information vital to our business from the internet, as well as uploading planning & building regulation applications, sending emails and sharing large files!

However, as usual with every step forward, there is always a down side!  Luckily we were aware this was going to happen and have been gradually preparing for it for over a year now.

Our recent upgrade to BT Infinity has meant losing our old 05602 telephone number, which was linked to our old BT Internet Account. This means that some of the leaflets & business cards we have handed out in the past will have an out of date telephone number on it.

If you’re reading this as a result of a search after trying our old number we apologise for any inconvenience. Please call us on 01388 526641 or 07801 255633.

Silverdale Family Practice Alterations going to site

We are pleased to say that a project we have been working on (on and off) since 2013 will be heading to site later this month!

Client & Contractor

Our Client, Silverdale Family Practice in South Hetton, have just accepted a tender from Dave Black Construction  for alterations to the reception / waiting area and the creation of a new doctor’s consulting room.


We are working in partnership with Scott Waite of GVA Ltd. who will act as client’s representative / project manager during the project.

Sketch Schemes

In 2013/14 we supplied a number of sketch schemes for the project and obtained budget costs for the client’s preferred option.

Detailed Drawings

Over the last month or so we have worked that scheme up into a set of detailed drawings which, together with a schedule of work, was then tendered.

Tight Deadline

The project is on a tight deadline as it must be completed by the end of March.

Paper Prints & The Environment


Here at Clive Elsdon Building Design we care a lot about the environment and about keeping our fees as low as possible.  This means that we produce Paper Prints as little as possible.

Planning & Building Regulations

All our Planning Applications are made digitally via the Planning Portal Website  and our Building Regulation Submissions are made either digitally to the relevant Local Authority via the Submit-a-Plan Website  or by email direct to an Approved Inspector such as JHAI Ltd or Green Door  (for example).


We also supply all our Structural Engineers, Ecology Consultants, Surveyors etc. with drawings either as AutoCAD DWG files (right up to the AutoCAD 2015 release) or in PDF format. The same goes for other documents, all of which we supply digitally.


As with Planning Departments, Building Control or our Consultants, we supply our Clients with Digital Versions of documents, usually via email and usually in PDF format. In 99% of cases this seems acceptable and we have had very few clients over the past three years who have not been able to accept digital versions of drawings or documents in one form or another.

Large Format Paper Prints

Like most architectural businesses our size, the requirement for large format paper prints is small and it would be uneconomical to have in house facilities to print anything over A3. This means that A1 and A0 prints have to be sent out to specialist reprographic firms, of which there are few and far between in the area we are based.  The nearest firms (that we know of) are in Newcastle and Darlington.

So why use A1 & A0 size drawings?

After the Planning Stage it is difficult to fit the detail required onto an A4 or A3 drawing, so invariably an A1 or even an A0 size drawing is needed for a Building Regulation or Construction Stage Drawing. On larger projects, these sizes of drawings are needed at earlier stages.

Can we supply paper prints?

Yes.  We understand that in some circumstances it’s the only way, but printing costs! It is a true fact of life.  It costs if we do it in house, it costs if we have to send it out to a specialist supplier. It costs no matter what the size, A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0.  It costs financially and it costs the environment!

To help the environment as well as keep our fee quotes as low as possible we normally exclude the cost of paper prints.  Of course, if we feel that we have to print them for a meeting for example, we will do. However, unless we have clearly stated otherwise, any paper prints that are requested by clients, consultants, builders etc.are all a chargeable extra. Who the charge is made to will depend on the agreement with the client at the beginning of the project or when the situation first arises.

How Much?

Printing costs vary depending on the size and quantity of drawings and the number of prints required from each one.  There is also the delivery costs involved. In particular A1 or A0 Drawing’s usually have to be posted to us for distribution.

A single A1 print is likely to cost about £2.16 + P&P / Delivery .  If there were multiples of the same drawing or multiple drawings there may be a saving on the unit price.  (Price for A1 print correct as of 30th April 2014. Price may vary.) Smaller drawings, especially those we can print in house will be cheaper, a larger A0 drawing will obviously be more expensive.

Think Before You Print.

You often see that on the bottom of an Email.  We think that you have to think even harder before printing or requesting a print of a large format drawing.  We know most of our clients and regular consultants agree.