Our Telephone Number is 01388 526641

BT Fibre Broadband has at last become available in Wolsingham, Weardale!  Taking it up has seen an increase of broadband speed from a TOP of 1.25mbps to a speed regularly over 30mbps.  This has made a significant difference to downloading information vital to our business from the internet, as well as uploading planning & building regulation applications, sending emails and sharing large files!

However, as usual with every step forward, there is always a down side!  Luckily we were aware this was going to happen and have been gradually preparing for it for over a year now.

Our recent upgrade to BT Infinity has meant losing our old 05602 telephone number, which was linked to our old BT Internet Account. This means that some of the leaflets & business cards we have handed out in the past will have an out of date telephone number on it.

If you’re reading this as a result of a search after trying our old number we apologise for any inconvenience. Please call us on 01388 526641 or 07801 255633.