Permitted Development & Prior Notification.

Prior Notification

We are just submitting our first “Prior Notification” notice. These are for “Large Domestic Extensions” which fall outside of the normal Permitted Development Rights but which fall inside a temporary relaxation that will be in place until 30th May 2016.

Permitted Development

Permitted Development” describes a development which can be carried out without applying for Planning Permission.

The Planning Portal describes the current relaxation which has increased the scope of what can be done under permitted development rights as; “Single-storey rear extension must not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house* by more than three metres if an attached house or by four metres if a detached house. In addition, outside Article 1(5) designated land* and Sites of Special Scientific Interest the limit is increased to 6m if an attached house and 8m if a detached house until 30 May 2016. These increased limits (between 3m and 6m and between 4m and 8m respectively) are subject to the neighbour consultation scheme. “

Neighbour Consultation Scheme

In order to comply, the homeowner or their agent must complete a “Prior Notification” form which asks the basic information normally asked on a planning application form  and submit it to the Local Authority Planning Department along with a Location Plan showing the area of the site.


In addition we would almost always recommend that a set of plans & elevations are  submitted with the form to show the dimensions and character of the extension.  This is to prove that the development does fit in with the Permitted Development Right described above and complies with other relevant criteria, such as overall height, eaves height, materials and percentage of original land developed etc.


To find out more about Permitted Development Rights for Domestic Extensions visit the planning portals page on extensions: Permitted Developmet Rights – Extensions

Guidance outlining the Neighbour Consultation Scheme in more detail can be found here: Neighbour Consultation Scheme

Prior Notification Form

If you appoint us to design your extension for you, as your agent we complete the Prior Notification Form as well, just as we would also handle a Planning Application. However, if you’re trying to go it alone, here is a link to a form you can complete then print off yourself: Large Domestic Extension Prior Notification Form

Need a helping hand?

Clive Elsdon Building Design would be pleased to be involved with your project, whether it falls within the usual permitted development rights, within the relaxed permitted development rights or requires a full planning approval. Within DL & DH postcodes, and sometimes other areas, we will meet you at the site to discuss your project and look at the feasibility of it FREE of charge. Call us on 01388 526641 or drop an email to design at cliveelsdon dot co dot uk (replacing “at” and “dot” with the appropriate symbols) to discuss this further.