Happy 145th Birthday, Frank Lloyd Wright! (Born 8th June 1867)

Frank Lloyd Wright, born today, June 8th, 1867, would have turned 145 years old today.  In 1991, the American Institute of Architects called him, “The greatest American Architect of all time.”

Frank Lloyd Wright is an Architect who’s work influenced my decision to become involved in Architectural Design, alongside other famous Architects such Charles Rennie Mackintosh & Le Corbusier.

Wright is famous for two buildings in particular, the Iconic Guggenheim Museum in New York (1956), and the Falling Water House (1936). Of course, he designed many more, including the Johnson’s Wax Company Administration Building in Wisconsin (1936), Annunciation Church (1956) & Marin County Civic Centre (1957).

Like many Architects or Architectural Designers, his early commissions were mostly houses. In 1889 he designed a house at 428 Forest Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois for possibly his most demanding client, himself! Obviously not quite happy with this, he re-modelled the house in  1895, adding a play-room, a new kitchen and a dining room. The dining room was the first time in his own house where he designed all the furnishings!

Frank Lloyd Wright was a prolific architect, interior designer and writer. He spent his life advocating an organic architecture at harmony with its surroundings.

In 1956 Frank Lloyd Wright appeared on the American “What’s My Line“. He was described as Self Employed to the panel, who were blindfolded to prevent them recognising the world famous Architect. During the show he commented on the Studio’s poor acoustics.

You can view the show on You Tube and visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation for more information about him.