Greener Buildings are Encouraged by parts of the Building Regulations – Here is a bit about it

Parts of the Building Regulations, including the Code for Sustainable Homes and the EPC for Construction, aim to help reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.

Code for Sustainable Homes:
The Code is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes. The Code aims to reduce our carbon emissions and create homes that are more sustainable.  You can find out more on the Sustainable Homes page of the Government’s Planning Portal Website.

Energy performance Certificate for Construction:
The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is broadly similar to the labels now provided with domestic appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. When the construction of a new building is completed, the builder or person responsible for the construction is responsible for obtaining the certificate and providing it to the owner. This is a duty under Building Regulations. This will also apply if a building is converted into fewer or more units and there are changes to the heating, hot water provision or air conditioning / ventilation services.  Again, you can find out more on the EPC page of the Government’s Planning Portal Website.