Building Regulation Approval obtained for Attic Conversion to existing bungalow in Shildon, County Durham

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained a Building Regulation Approval Notice on behalf of one of our clients for an Attic Conversion to an existing Bungalow in Shildon, County Durham.

The conversion is not a strait forward one, as the existing roof pitch was too low to provide the client with the quality of space and layout they required. In order to achieve the desired end result it was decided to take off the existing roof in its entirety and install new attic trusses with a greater pitch. This of course means adding extra height to the existing gable walls as well.

The increase in the floor area the project will give the client once it is completed will be equivalent to approximately 2/3 of that of the original bungalow!  They will lose a little space in what is now their downstairs as the new stair to the attic conversion steals some area from the former master bedroom.

The attic conversion itself will provide a large landing area where they can sit and relax. There is a dormer window to the front and a window to the side overlooking their own land.  This area leads onto their new en-suite master bedroom, which also benefits from a large Dormer Window to the front of the house. The en-suite shower room has an opening roof window for those nice summer days.

Clive Elsdon Building Design also obtained the Planning Approval for the development. You can read our news item about the planning approval if you Click Here

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Planning Application Approved for Attic Conversion in Shildon requiring new roof structure.

Clive Elsdon Building Design are pleased to announce that they have obtained planning approval on behalf of a client for a loft converstion to a bungalow in Shildon, County Durham.

The conversion is not as straight forward as it may have been.  Due to the low pitch of the existing roof structure, to get a decent amount of usable space, the design has included a complete new roof, and increasing the height of two gable walls to suit a new steeper roof pitch.

Once built, the client will benefit from a complete new en-suite master bedroom, and a large sitting area on the landing. One bedroom on the ground floor is slightly reduced in size to accommodate the new starcase.

We are now proceeding with the Building Regulation Submission for the project.