WordPress Beta Site to be transfered to www.cliveelsdon.co.uk

We are pleased to announce that after a short period in testing and development at cliveelsdon.co.uk , our new wordpress based website is to be transferred onto our original cliveelsdon.co.uk domain. You will still be able to access it by cliveelsdon.co.uk, and also by our other alternative address at building-design.org.uk .

We have commissioned Jayson Gurney of Darlington based The Social Media Consultancy Limited to carry out the migration, as well as take over the hosting of cliveelsdon.co.uk. This is one more step to trying to source more products and suppliers from our local region rather than going further afield whenever feasible.

The new wordpress site itself was created during a course run by The Social Media Comapny Limited to introduce the basics of WordPress to small business owners. During the hands on workshop we  created a customised website which only needed content adding and tweeking afterwards. Attendees were guided through the process of choosing and installing themes, adding contact forms, creating pages, customising menu’s, installing widgets, adding posts, managing the approval of comments and other useful wordpress actions.

Clive Elsdon Building Design Website Goes WordPress – The Social Media Consultancy Ltd’s “WordPress (The Basics) for Small Businesses” Course Kick Starts the Process!

I’m on a course learning how to use WordPress as I write this post. This is technically the first post I have made using wordpress, however, I’ve learnt how to add blog posts from the past, so I will be going back over twitter and facebook and gradulally adding in any posts that I think are still relevent, or informative! So whilst it’s my first blog post, it isn’t!

Clive Elsdon with his sign writted car promoting his Architectural Design Business

Clive with his Sign Written Car