Twitter’s #GDoh tag gets a “News & Views” Companion Digital Paper!

#GDoh News & Views Digital Paper

#GDoh News & Views is published through @GDoh_ on Twitter.

Following on from the success of the hash tag #GDoh on twitter, a group of Construction Industry Professionals have set up a companion digital paper (using  called #GDoh News & Views which picks up and publishes mentions of the #GDoh tag plus other tweets from the regular contributors!  #GDoh came into existence when tweets between a group of people commenting on Channel 4’s Grand Designs program needed to mention so many names that there were few characters remaining for the actual comment!  SInce the invention of #GDoh it’s following is gradually increasing, with more people joining in and contributing to the banter.  #GDoh is now a by-word for a Wednesday Evening when Grand Designs is usually screened on Channel 4!

Most contributors agree that the “GD” part of the tag stands for “Grand Designs“, however, there is a good mannered dispute as to what the “Doh” part stands for. One contributor has suggested that it’s based on Homer Simpson’s well known “Doh!”, whilst another has said that it stands for “Other Half” in homage to TV shows like “Big Brothers Little Brother” etc.

The success of #GDoh has seen tweets with the tag being mentioned during the re-screening of Grand Designs on the 4Seven Channel (@4Seven on twitter) as well as being used as an example by Su Butcher (@SuButcher on twitter) at #CEOxford.

Whatever the real meaning behind the “Doh” part of the tag, following #GDoh during a screening of Grand Designs adds a whole new dimension to it!  “#GDoh is like watching an F1 race on TV with the Live Timing Screen on your computer as well!”, said one regular contributor!

Check out #GDoh News & Views by visiting:  and follow the list of regular #GDoh contributors on twitter: @GDoh_/gdoh-people!