Is your business website complient with the new cookie law? Have you got the contact details you legally have to have on your website?

Have you noticed how many uk websites have still not introduced a device to comply with the uk cookie law? Can’t be long before the first test case is tried!

Is your website compliant?  Some people don’t realise that they are using cookies, but probably are if they are running any script, for example Google Analytics. I’m pleased to say that this website is complying, and you may have already clicked on our Cookie “Widget” in the bottom left corner before even getting this far!

Also, some other interesting points about websites (via Jayson Gurney of the The Social Media Consultancy Limited ), if you’re a limited company you have to have your “registered office” address clearly stated on there and if you’re VAT Registered you must have those details on there as well.  He advises that many Web Designers don’t follow these simple rules.

Apart from that advice from Jayson, here is some basic contact information requirements that, if you are in business, you should have on all communications including letters, emails and your website:

Your business name. (Sole Traders should show their our own name if it’s not included in the business name. eg Fred Blogs trading as Bedrock Walling.) Your address for correspondence. Your contact details (phone number, fax number if you have one, email address etc.) Your VAT registration number, if you’re registered for VAT.

Rules for Partnerships are as above.  If a limited company or an LLP you should show:

The company or LLP’s full legal name. Any trading names that it uses. Where the company or LLP is registered. eg England. The registered company number. The registered office address. The correspondence address (if different from your registered address).

You don’t have to show partners/director’s names, but if you show one, you have to show them all.

So, if your signature line on your business e-mail is “sent from my i-phone” or similar, perhaps you should be updating it to stay legal?

(This blog post is for information and discussion only and is based on my understanding of the law since setting up my own business. I am not a legal expert.)